Even I can use Mercurial!

I have been working in this script to concatenate together the technology roadmaps that are publish in individual wikis in the foundation. Yesterday, I started working again in it after a month as I knew some changes were coming. After fighting with Mediawiki to upload the new versions, I decided that it was time to put in a proper SCM system.

I had already installed Cygwin as my development environment, so I was happy to learn that there was a install package for the Mercurial command line interface. It actually came inside the python installation.

So, once the installed finished, I only have to look at the manual pages to get started. I must said that the only problem came in figuring out where I had to create the user configuration file ($HOME/.hgrc by the way!).

Once setup, I needed to get configured and connected to the Symbian repository. I run a search on the developer.symbian.org site and open the first link: Mercurial Q&A. And from there on, it was quite straight forward.

I did find that Mercurial has help themselves by making the tool easy to use. Most commands are self-explanatory: Commit, Push, Merge, Pull,… and to providing the address to the repo is as simple as copy and paste from the web browser address bar.

A couple of minutes later, the files were store in a folder and a link to the download zip file ready to go.

Something that help me greatly was the cheat sheet that the foundation team put together:

Hgcheatsheet Usage

In summary if a project manager can use Mercurial, surely everyone can 🙂

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