Planning Flow

Today just a quick update on integration planning..Over the last few weeks, we have been working on providing a bit more clarity on what artefacts are we use to plan platform releases, and how do they related to each other:


In a nutshell:

  • We produce a platform release plan that provides implementation details to the Platform Plan (roadmap)
  • The Platform Release Plan contains plan per active S^n release
  • Each Release Plan is informed by the Integration plan and the Test and Quality Plan (not yet available)
  • The Integration plan is derived from the information available in package backlogs and feeds into the kit schedule

More information about all these artefacts can be found here.

I described a bit of the integration plan in a previous post. I wanted to share with you today a bit more of the thought process that goes into adding package features into the plan:


Key Features are selected by the Release Council. They base this selection on recommendations from the F&R council, the Technology Managers per Domain, and the Release Management Team. The list is review, expanded and approved by the Release Council.

Supporting Package Features are selected from the Package Backlogs by the Release Management Team and referenced with KFs and Approved BC breaks.

So what do you think? does it make sense to you? More on the integration plan in future blogs…

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