A quick visit to Bangalore

A couple of friends went recently to Bangalore for a business trip, knowing that I had spent some time living there, they asked me for recommendations. As they have seemed to really enjoy my tips, I have decided to share them with a larger audience:

What to visit

Bangalore s not that well known by its tourist attractions but I really liked the Bull temple. Another one that is normally in the tour is the town hall. Is pretty much in the heart of the city so worth going.

Buying crafts

If you don’t have much time and don’t want to bargain and get rip off, Caveury is the best shop. It is situated in the corner of MG road and Brigade Road. Again pretty central.

if you want to see a bit more of authentic shopping experience go to Commercial street on the evenings. Get drop at the bottom of it and walk up and down. It is safe but packed with people. you will find everything there. Including one of my favourite snack places- Woody‘s. Get a Masala dosa, yummy


Bangalore is famous for the sunday brunch in 5 star hotels. The best for eating (not only drinking) is the Oberoi hotel. But you will need to book it in advanced, make sure to ask to be put outside.

For more traditional (and still safe) food in town, I like this “chipaschips” dinner Koshy’s Jewel box in St Mark’s road. The Prawn Biriani is really good, I am told. I doubt that the taxi driver will know where it is, but you can ask him to take you too the “Hard rock cafe” in Bangalore, this place is on the next block down the road.

Let me know if you want more specific recommendations!

4 thoughts on “A quick visit to Bangalore

  1. Other than Bull temple, I think you’ve seen more of Bangalore than I. Especially the restaurents.

    Otherwise, sounds like good recommendations. 🙂

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