Quality Snapshot for S^2

I have refered on the past to the capability of reporting metrics against the Symbian Platform. Finally we are there!

This week the team produce the first snapshot of Bug , Code size and Code Churn with real data. The snapshot is to be presented on Friday to the Release Council for feedback. Let’s have a look at it in more detail:

Defect/Bug Metics

These are graphics auto-generated from Bugtracker Metrics, it allows you to drill down to as much detail as you want. The data in the snapshot is frozen from an specific date, but you can re-run the queries live from the bugtracker metrics interface.


Now that we can measure it, we can start introducing some standard defect management practices.

Code Churn

This is a great tool to find out how much has changed from one Kit release to the next, including breakdowns per technology domain and packages. You can find all the raw data at the snapshot page by clicking on the picture.

dashboardAs the data applies to S^2, it is good to see that churn has substantially decreased since Functionally Complete was agreed.

Can I use this metrics?

We believe that these metrics are fairly generic and can be applied to any platform, altought the implementation is specific to Symbian. We have made available the metrics definitions in our wiki. We would love to have your feedback on them!

3 thoughts on “Quality Snapshot for S^2

  1. Very nice, good work QWG team.

    At this still relatively early stage I am interested in who is raising these defects… 270 open as of today, of which 31 were raised by an @nokia.com email address.

    Come on Nokia, you are doing the vast majority of the development work, you can find more defects than that!

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