Update on the Release Plan

With the aim to share and highlight as much relevant information as possible, I would like to bring to your attention the week44 Release Plan! We have regularly published updates to release plan since May(ish) in the Release Council. In an effort to bring it up to the surface, we have created a landing page for it.

Just in case that you are wondering, the Release Council is formed by representatives of the following member companies: Samsung, Nokia, Texas Instruments, ST Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, DoCoMo, Fujitsu, Digia, Elektrobit and Teleca – and soon to join us Qualcomm IC.

Week44 update

We are currently working with 3 releases:Symbian^2 which is in hardening, Symbian^3 which is open for feature submission and Symbian^4 which we are currently roadmapping.


S^2 Update

This Release is in Hardening, which means that features are no longer integrated and the focus is on bug fixes. We have published a feature spec for Symbian^2 and now the basaeline pdk2.0.0 is available for download. Also, we are currently in the process of ratifying the API baseline for S^2.

S^3 Update

This Release is now open for Feature Submission ( Release Start was approved in week44). PDK3.0.b now available (w43), although is currently currently textshell only as we are expecting a New Graphics Architecture(NGA) to be contributed shortly. The PDK3.0.b includes a new 3 plain comms architecture and support for writeable demand paging.

Zoom2 is the reference hardware for Symbian^3, and the baseport is now available for download.

Going forward

The plan is to keep the information fresh every month, reflecting the outcome of the council meetings and the work done by the Symbian team. So keep listening for more updates!

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