10+ Million lines already open sourced

Did you know that Symbian has already over 10 million lines of code published in our public OSS repositories? Well, that is what Ohloh.net is telling us!

In previous posts, I have refer to the use of bugzilla metrics to take snapshots of quality related statistics. Ohloh is another great example of free services available to open source projects. Over the last few weeks some guys in the team have decided to get Ohloh up and running for Symbian open sourced packages and other supporting assets. We currently have 18 packages open sourced (of a total of 140) and we are working hard to open the rest before end of H1 2010.

We decided to split Symbian into 2 projects:

Ohloh works by accessing the repositories enlisted under a project, and generating an analysis report based on the visible code. Ohloh says about the Symbian Platform:


In our case, each project contains enlistments of all the Mercurial FCL repositories which are public. The reason to choose FCL over MCL is to ensure that the kudos and commits statistics reflect the real community engagement in the platform.

The Kudo report is probably the killer app of Ohloh. Using the information pulled from the repositories, plus the Kudo that each user give to each other, Ohloh works out a ranking of contributors to your project. Here is an example of a long running OSS project – Firefox :

Firefox KudosImaging the possibilities if we can integrated Ohloh APIs and widgets to developer.symbian.org. So what are you waiting – join the Symbian project!

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