Bug 322 – Anatomy of a Symbian Contribution

Today I wanted to blog about the contribution infrastructure that we have set around contributing fixes or enhancements to the platform. As a practical example I would like to trace the steps of BUG 322.

BUG322 describes a simple export error from a bld.inf file, and it was identified by Simon Mellor from Accenture. Simon reported the bug, and provided a patch with a proposed fix:

This is how bugzilla displays the patch attached to the bug

Next the Package Owner (Sampo Savolainen from Nokia) reviwed the proposed fix and accepted it as valid. At this point Sampo applied himself the patch to the MCL. As the Package Owner, he is the only person that can do so (unless he has delegated the activity to a commiter).  Although Sampo is the one applying the patch the Kudos and the responsibility goes back to the original contributor. Here is what Mercurial has to say about that:

The mercurial change set is added with Simon as the author

As you can see, the commit message contains the bug number that is addressing. Mercurial is clever enough to identify this and provide a link to it. It also adds a comment in bugtracker to let know anyone following this issue that an associated changeset has been committed:

Bugtracker comment is added. As you can see it provides a link to the mercurial change set

Now the bug can be closed as RESOLVED-FIXED.

This is a great example of the simplicity and automation of the Symbian Contribution process!

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