The Symbian^3 Contribution Plan gets serious!

After reviewing and expanding the list of key features for Symbian^3 , the S^3 integration plan has increase to 38 integration events (out of which 16 have already happened).

The current contribution plan includes features from Nokia, Ixonos, Sun and Texas Instruments.

The Symbian^3 burn down chart provide an agile view of the progress towards Functionally Complete

The headlines Key Features for Symbian^3 are:

  • 3PC – Bearer mobility support in 3PC and adoption
  • SymbianJ – Runtime for S^3
  • NFC – Near Field Communication capabilities demonstrated in key use cases such as contact , calendar and image sharing .
  • Execution Environment- Zoom2 Baseport (Texas Instruments)
  • NGA – Hardware Acceleration Graphics and Surfaces visible in key use cases such as Camera¬† and Video Telephony
  • SMP.1 – OS layer SMP Safe with Prototype kernel that allows HW bring up of a multi-core platform
  • WDP – Proven Writeable Demand Paging platform support
  • Multipage Homescreen – Provide multiple home screen supports
  • CalDAVsupport -Support for caldav in single and multiple calendars (SUN)
  • HDMI – HDMI output for audio, video and images
  • HD video – Support for files of over 2GBs that will enable HD video
  • BT AVRCP v1.4 – Full remote control for music player via Bluetooth AVRCP v1.4
  • Single Tap – Proposal to remove double tapping from current touch UI (Ixonos and Nokia)
  • One-click connectivity – Simpler connection dialog that requires one click only
  • Qt 4.6.1 – Bundling of QT4.6.1release into S^3 SDK
  • Song recognition and music store integration with radio app
  • Remote contact look-up – plug-in framework to allow easy integration of remote contact look-up

Each Key Feature is represented in the integration plan as several integration steps. We are planning to reach functional completion by end of February, leaving only SymbianJ as an exception to be handled separately.

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