Symbian^3 – the proof that something is happening!

We have recently released the Symbian^3 snapshot quality metrics for December.  We have included a comparison between the functionally complete Symbian^2 baseline (PDK2.0.0) and the first Symbian^3 (PDK3.0.a).  I was expecting these two versions to be significantly different, and here are the results per Technology domain:

Codechrun metrics between PDK2.0.0 and PDK3.0.a at technology domain level

The overall change reflected by the metrics is lots of activity in the UI domain – UIaccelerator, Graphics and Homescreen seem to have the larger churn.

Hope this makes it clear that Symbina^3 is a substantial upgrade with respect Symbian^2.  I will keep you post it on further progress.

2 thoughts on “Symbian^3 – the proof that something is happening!

  1. Thanks Victor. Always great to see data rather than empty claims of “huge improvements”. So now I’m really expecting to see something fantastic in the UI of Symbian^3 devices. Please keep the data coming, I wish other mobile platforms would give this kind of data.

    BTW — I’m surprised at the small amount of tools code (and code churn) given the improvements in the ADT 1.4. I’m guessing that the Carbide (and some other) code is kept in a different codeline and so not included here?

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