Progress on the Symbian^3 and Symbian^4 contribution plans

I have previously blogged about the quantity and quality of features that the community is planning for Symbian^3, but how about Symbian^4?. Let’s have a recap on where we are today!

Symbian^3 is almost there

Symbian^3 is nearing Functionally Complete (FC is in Q1 2010, likely to  be February) and the contributions have come fast and thick over the last month. Of the 43 package feature tracked in the integration plan for Symbian^3, 30 have already been contributed to the foundation code line. These are:

  • Multipage Homescreen – Provide multiple home screen supports
  • 3PC – Bearer mobility support in 3PC and adoption
  • WDP – Proven Writeable Demand Paging platform support
  • HD video – Support for files of over 2GBs that will enable HD video
  • One-click connectivity – Simpler connection dialogue that requires one click only
  • Song recognition and music store integration with radio application
  • Remote contact look-up – plug-in framework to allow easy integration of remote contact look-up

You should expect all of them to be included in the S^3 PDK3.0.f  (planned for week03). In addition, QT for Symbian is now available from the foundation repositories under LGPL and it will be included in future PDKs (Product Development Kits).

Symbian^4 is ramping up

So Symbian^3 is progressing nicely, and at the same time Symbian^4 is starting to build up a substantial contribution plan with already 60 Package Features.

Symbian^4 is mainly known for the complete overhaul of the UI environment, but today I would like to highlight the ISB ECAM contribution plan.

It will provide the capability to use a PC development environment (and consequently a better debugging experience) for camera applications, which until now can only be tested using a production hardware.  But I am also interested on the 3 reasons for contributions that Takeharu Kaito gives:

  1. “To raise the company’s profile […] to the Japanese market as well as global markets”
  2. “To promote our vertical integration business”
  3. “To aim ISB’s Symbian distribution […] a Japanese version of the SDK”

It is a great example on how a member is contributing in order to fulfill their own need and it is leading to a better solution that will benefit the whole community.

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