Symbian^2 Defect Scrub

We are now nearing the end of the hardening phase for Symbian^2. This means that the community is concluding their productisation efforts and it is ready to move the release  into a “Stable” condition. Only contributions associated to critical defects will be accepted. It also signals that the community at large should focus on hardening Symbian^3.

Today we have around 160+ defects still open against Symbian^2.   Normally, community activity (package owners and contributors) would take care of them. However, Symbian^2 is still in start-up mode and this has not happened. So, We have 2 choices, leave the bugs where they are or clean them up.

To make sure that Bugtracker does not accumulate so much noise that renders itself useless for quality management in the future, the Release Council agreed to sponsor a”Defect Scrub” exercise.

To facilitate the exercise (scheduled for wk06), we have review all open defect applying the following guidelines:

  • If a patch or FCL fix has been provided the defect is to be fixed in S^2 (unless code review fails)
  • If a defect is still relevant for S^3 it will be propagated
  • Propagated defects will be tagged: a defect can not be propagated twice.
  • Unclear defects will be tagged for further analysis (this includes BC grey issues)
  • Defects with severity = “minor” will be closed as “wontfix” if the community has not provided a fix by “Stable”

I would like to invite you to provide feedback on these guidelines, review the “raw data” and provide comments on the recommendations and finally volunteer to join the defect scrub workshop (wk06).

Look forward to all your comments!

List of bug impact after a categorisation exercise

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