Symbian^3 Goes Open Source and The Hardening Phase

Yeeeeeay, we are now open! But what does it mean? Will we see any difference? that depends on you..

Today’s annoucement removes the legal barriers for the community at large to contribute. The EPL license open the code to all, and the new IP policy allows individuals to contribute to the platform.

And there is plenty of opportunity to get started. Symbian^3 is now inching toward Feature Completion (FC), which means that it is still evolving and open to code churn. Very soon the bug hunting season will open! Will you join us? The Opening of the platform is all about you getting involved.

I would like to see an active community working together to harden Symbian^3. We need your help! Get started by:

If you are a seasoned Symbian Jedi , you might want to check out Wild Ducks

Look forward to hear from you!

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