There be Geckos here… arrggh!

I have previously blogged about the Bug Squad , but today I wanted to focus a bit more on the kudos aspect of the programme. Geckos and Gold!

The Kudo unit for the programme is a Gold Coin. We chose the Gold Coin as we felt it had an universal meaning representing a unit of value, and also because we can pretend to be pirates -Arrggh!

Coins are earned by performing several tasks related to the Bug Squad:

  • 1 piece for active participation on a test or bug day
  • 1 piece for finding and reporting a valid bug
  • 1 piece for adding information which lead to or pinpointing the cause of a bug correctly
  • 3 pieces for fixing a bug or implementing an enhancement (by providing a patch attached to bug or FCL changeset)
  • 1 piece for verifying a fix (you can not verify your own fixes)

You can also earn an additional special mentioned of 2 gold coins that can be awarded by:

  • The relevant Package Owner
  • The relevant Technology Manager
  • Any Black Gecko or above

But , What is a Black Gecko?

In addition to the Gold Coins, we also introduced the concept of contributor levels. The point of the Gecko levels is to give a quick understanding to new joiners or onlookers of who is a hardcore contributor on the project and who is a newbie.

Any new members to the squad will start as a “White Gecko” . Once the achieved over 9 Gold Coins, they are automatically upgraded to Yellow Gecko. You need to exceed 81 Gold Coins to become a Black Gecko.

As you can see, becoming a Black Gecko also gives you the privilege to award special mention awards to other squad members. We would like to create additional levels beyond Black Gecko and we have some ideas on how to go forward… but they won’t be unveiled until some get to that black level.

Currently, the processing of Gold Coins is done manually by the Symbian team involved in the squad. We are working with our team members to create an automated way to award basic kudos across all type of contributors. In time, this might replace the Gold Coin currency as we know it now, although the intention is to retain the Gecko Levels.

2 thoughts on “There be Geckos here… arrggh!

  1. “Once the achieved over 9 Gold Coins, they are automatically upgraded to White Gecko”

    You mean Yellow Gecko.

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