My Package Dashboard – A Web Widget for Symbian about Symbian

You might have noticed how much Symbian is pushing the Web Run Time as an environment for application development, as it is thought to be really simple to do. I can confirm that it is!

After talking to some package owners, I had the realisation that we (Symbian) needed to offer an easy way for Package team members to track community activity. I do some of these tasks day to day, and it involves lots of pre-saved searches and so on…

Mix these thoughts with an ich to do some programming and what you get? “My Package” Dashboard WRT widget.

I started by downloading the source for widget, which had some useful routines that I wanted to “borrow”. Within a day I had a running prototype,  before the end of the week I have released the first beta version.

So what does it do? Well, with “My Package” Dashboard you can track for a package:

  • How many new open bugs are in the package
  • How many new contributions (fixes) are proposed by the community
  • What is the status of the package backlog
  • What are the latest build results for my package
  • Keep on top of the discussion in the relevant developer forum

I am now looking for people to use it and give me some feeback on :

  • How useful it is for you?
  • What could be improved?
  • What device are you using?

If you would like to give it a go, it is as simple as visiting

The widget has a build it in “check for updates” feature, so once you download it is very simple to update to the latest version.

Here some screen shots , if you dont have time for the video. For more info, visit the widget homepage. Look forward to your comments!

2 thoughts on “My Package Dashboard – A Web Widget for Symbian about Symbian

  1. Hi, nice app. “My discussion forum” is ok, but I’d like to follow up multiple forums.

    1. i might be changing that section of the app soon as there is a plan to consolidate the forum into a smaller set. I will keep you posted.

      Btw- version 0.4 is now out with mercurial support

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