Free Symbian App: Baby Countdown

I was recently reminded that it was not possible to find any apps for Symbian (Nokia, Samsung and SonyEricsson’s phones) to help pregnant woman!  This is a wrong I needed to set right 🙂

So today, I  would like to introduce you to a Free Symbian Web Runtime App that helps you countdown the arrival of your baby.  If you are pregnant in the UK and you are going into labour the hospital will ask you to monitor how frequent and long your contractions are before going in.  However, I always thought that the last thing a expecting mum (and the dad for that matter) want to do is fire up excel as the contractions are kicking in.

When you launch the Baby Countdown app,  you are presented with a simple screen with on button that says: START. Once you press it, the counter starts keeping track of time. The button changes to STOP.

As you can see from the snapshots below, the length of the current contraction is displayed under the title “This Contraction” as soon as STOP is pressed. Under the “Time Since Last:” title, the since the last contraction is displayed as soon as the next contraction has started and the START button is pressed.

The other nice feature in this app is the speed-dial from the Right Soft Key. You can set your own number and label from the options menu.

This app has been written with Nokia’s WRT for Symbian. I have tested it in a N97 mini and a N95. Hence spanning from S60 3rd edition to S60 5th/Symbian^1. This app should work also for other Symbian phones such as  Nokia E71,  Nokia 5800 and SonyEricsson Satio.

You can download the app from:

Let me know how you get on with it!

22 thoughts on “Free Symbian App: Baby Countdown

  1. I have problems with this on my Nokia E72. When you press the “start” button it does both a start then stop giving an elapsed time of 0 seconds…

  2. thank you very much for fixing the link, I managed to d/l the app, unfortunately my phone insists that it’s an unsupported format. back to the drawing board.

  3. if I use the installer on nokia pc suite/ovi it says ‘unsupported file type’ and wont play ball. I I transfer it as a file into the phones storage and try it says the same thing.If I’d realised before that I wanted an impossibility I wouldn’t learned a bit more about developing such a tool before becoming a 4 days ‘overdue’

  4. Hi,
    This app sounds absolutely great, but how do I install this app on my Satio?
    (doesn’t seem to have the regular .jar / .sis files included, ao i have no idea how to install it….)

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