PDK3.0.i: Qt and Symbian

PDK_3.0.i has now been released and contains pre-build QT4.6.2. QT is a graphical runtime that will become the main UI environment in Symbian^4. It makes writing applications for Symbian much simpler and also cross platform, as QT runs in many other OS environments.

This new Symbian^3 PDK contains a pre-integrated version of the Qt runtime environment. It also includes some Demo Application that show case easy is to build great user experience with a few lines of Qt code.

Here is a video demo of some of the things you can do with PDK_3.0.i and Qt:

2 thoughts on “PDK3.0.i: Qt and Symbian

  1. Looks good. However, can’t they come up wit some new demos already? Especially that magnifying class thingie.. yeah cool and all, but so what, what am I supposed to use it for? In short, some new demos PLEASE!

    1. A demo is to demonstrate the capability of the runtime, so you can use it to see how the code looks like. As Symbian is an open source project and so is QT, I would encourage you to contribute

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