Translating the podcatcher

The Symbian Bugsquad is hosting test and fix days for the S^1 and S^3 podcast app: The podcatcher!

One type of contributions that is often overlook is localisation of applications to other languages.  So here is some simple instructions on how to translate the podcatcher:

  1. Clone and build the latest version of the podcatcher
  2. (optional) Apply my spanish translation patch for reference. You can find it attached to bug 2059
  3. Create a copy of \application\data\PodcastClient_english.rls and rename it to your chosen language.
  4. Translate the english strings into your language of choice (here is one I have did for Spanish)
  5. Next , update  language.rss with your translation. You will need to find what is the id number for your chosen language. For Spanish is 04.
  6. Then add your language support to \application\group\Podcast.mmp

You are done!  Build it and Test it. To test it you need to set epoc32\release\winscw\urel\z\resource\BootData\Languages.txt with your ID number.

Once you are happy with your translation, create a clone of bug3058 (see “clone this bug option” at the bottom of Bug ID page) and attach  the patch to it! Here is how Podcatcher looks in Spanish:

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