Getting Audible working with N97 mini

Unfortunately, our friends at Audible have decided to ignore any Symbian releases beyond s60 3rd edition. I’ve battled with the Audible software and here is a few ways to get it working:

Just install the s60 3rd edition app

I got this working pretty well to start with. I downloaded the app (which was a bit of a challange to find) and installed on my N97 mini. The Nokia N97 Mini is a s60 5th edition, so it complains during installation about it, but just click “continue” anyway.

After installation, I launched the app and enter my username and password. It connected using one of my IAPs and … it failed. After lots of digging around, it turned out that it didn’t like my password. I changed it to something shorter and that seemed to work fine.

I downloaded my books and I got on with my Audible live… until one morning it stop working!

Transferring files from my PC.

The programme still works fine, but now it refuses to log in to Audible, and returns a General error code 😦 , hence I can’t download any new books. Not great! I was close to giving up, when I decided to try “the transfer to my PC” option.

First of all, you need to download the Audible Manager, launched and add your device to it. I did this by just saying that I could not connect to the device at the moment, and selected that I had an N95. Then, I followed the instructions to provide the IME Number of the phone, this created a sis file. Once I transferred and installed it in my N97 mini, I had the same app than before activated for my phone.

The next step is to download the files from your library (Audible website) to your PC. This wasn’t obvious either, but I work out that you just need to launch the “Audible Manager”, click on the “My Library Online” icon. This will launch your browser and take you to your Library page, once you click download the “Audible Manager” takes over.

Once the .aa files are in your PC, copy them to your device (I used the OVI suite for this) into the “Audible” folder. Then I launched the app, cancelled the connection attempted and from the options menu, I selected local content. This displayed my books and I was able to play them just fine..

Why, oh Why!

However , I really struggle to understand why is Audible making me do this! The Q2 results for the smart-phone market show that  Symbian sold 27 million devices capable to play audio books… somehow this is not a big enough market for Audible and Amazon to update their application to work with s60 5th edition and going forward Symbian^3. Can someone let me know why?

5 thoughts on “Getting Audible working with N97 mini

  1. The same thing happened to me. I have a N97 and had installed the app and had it working for about 12 months then one morning it stopped all together. Been without audible for about 3 months now and it is really frustrating. Will try your suggestion to see if it works. I think Audible should get their act together for Symbian S60 5th edition.

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