Moving on, but staying in Open Source

Well, all good thing do come to an end.  This is my last week at the Symbian. Foundation.  8 years chapter is closing, I have been hanging around at a email account since 2002. Suffice to say that I will try to keep in touch, already have my account registered!  I am specially keen keep my involvement (but to a lesser degree) with the Bug Squad.

I might be hanging my Symbian boots up, but not my open source ones.  Having had a taste of Ubuntu, I wanted more! Hence, I will be joining Canonical to work on their Platform Services team. Platform Services mainly looks after what it takes to certify Ubuntu releases on specific comercial hardware.

I also plan to keep up with the bloging! I think it will be fun to write as an outsider to Symbian.

2 thoughts on “Moving on, but staying in Open Source

  1. I see.

    Anyways, I would looking forward to be updated when you start your blogging career as well as Ubuntu’s finest.



    Please let me know when you got new site.Thanks

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