Twitter made me a better presenter!?

Thanks to Twitter, I am getting better at writing presentations! Or at least it would seem so…

I am halfway reading “Made To Stick“. The first part of the book talks about simplifying your ideas to a core message, prioritising what you want to say while still giving them context and profound meaning.This is easier said than done. However, I found that I have been practising this technique for a while, by trying to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters.

It dawn on me while writing a powerpoint presentation. I noticed that I had become better at saying what I wanted to say in short sentences, without filling the page with words that only distracted from the key message. I found myself using the same technique that I use to write those pesky 140 characters… who would have known! I think twitter is making me a better presenter! (or at least better at writing presentations).

Unfortunately for me and my co-workers, it seems to have little effect in my oral communication skills as I continue to waffle on…

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