An Ubuntu Adventure: The Unboxing of the DELL 2120

Here it is!

Well that is just the box, and inside the box:

Unfortunately, the system did come pre-installed with Windows 7. I could not choose any other option… Nevermind, I plan to remedy this quickly with help from DELL.

The first step is to make some space in the system to install Ubuntu. So I booted Windows 7 and from the “computer management – disk management”, I managed to shrink the windows partition to 60 GB.

At the same time I started downloading the image provided by DELL on their website.: Canonical Ubuntu 10.10. Once the download completed, I created a USB Startup disk (System -> Administration ->  Startup Disk creator).

Pressing F2 during bootup of the DELL Latitude 2120, I got into the BIOS. Here I changed the device bootup sequence to check for USB device before the HDD.

Rebooting with the USB startup disk in place, gives me a few option – including DELL recovery Linux OS partition only. I have selected this and it is now taking me through the Ubuntu install process, including creating new partitions…

The adventure has trully commenced!

Next Chapter: Installing DELL’s patches

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