An Ubuntu Adventure: Latitude 2120 Certification and UDS

It has been over 3 weeks since I wrote about my adventure with the Latitude 2120. Time for an update!

After confirming that the DELL image I downloaded from the manufacturer’s site seemed to work fine, I ran the certification tests on the 10.10 build. They all passed! no glitch.

At that time, I was getting ready to travel to Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) and I chose the lattitude 2120 as my companion for the trip. However, I was not ready to show up at UDS without Natty running on the netbook šŸ˜‰

I created a USB install stick for Natty using the 2120’s 10.10 image and set up an additional partition for it, so I would have dual boot between 10.10 and 11.04. The installation process went just fine.

When it completed, I noticed that the Broadcom driver was installed but no sign of the Realtek one used in 10.10 to enable the SD card. But the sd card was recognized by the system! so not only the Canonical team had made sure all the good work from the DELL image had gone into Natty, they had also removed the need for one extra additional driver!

The Latitude 2120 also passed certificationĀ  for 11.04 and it is now officially listed on the site:

You can see from the above entry how the system is listed as certified for 11.04 (with notes) and 10.10 (Pre-installed only). Unfortunately, there were some regressions introduced in 11.04 but they were not significant enough to fail certification.

Hibernate does not work under Unity, or mainly it does work but X does not seem to recover after resuming. And the Wifi hotkey is not working, although this problem was also present in 10.10 but I did not tested at the time.

The Latitude 2120 served me brilliantly at UDS. Its long battery life was ideal from the long days in Budapest, its screen quality allowed me to keep up with work in a reduce display and suspend/resume speed made it very easy to switch between conversations via email, irc and face2face.

Next step: Upgrading from a DELL Ubuntu 10.10 Image to a 11.04 image

2 thoughts on “An Ubuntu Adventure: Latitude 2120 Certification and UDS

  1. I have used Ubuntu for nearly a decade, but the latest version has me questioning my loyalty. After deleting the user-grating Unity and returning Ubuntu back to classic menu, I am still left scratching me head at the bugs. Lost all my menu items, luckily, after a few days of researching, I found a solution on the net to restore it and it saved me a lot of trouble since I did not have to reinstall it. Through recent updates, things have gotten a bit more stable.

    Hibernate is the major sticking point. After recently adding the kernel repository and adding the most recent kernel, it solved my hibernate issues. Well, for about a week. Now, it does not work again. And flash. Well, that is a whole other issue that I would rather not think about. Easier for me to just have disabled the plugin, saves the frustration.

    Ubuntu. What happened?

    1. Hi,

      If you don’t want Unity as your main desktop, the easier thing is to run Ubuntu using the classic desktop option at the user login screen. That is still a supported configuration.



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