DELL Vostro 3300: External Monitor Problems Finally Fixed?

As reported previously , the DELL Vostro 3300 has been pestered with continuous problems with external monitors.  I am happy to report that since this week I am running Natty (11.04) with a dual monitor set-up and perfect image in both.

The downside is that I am currently using a custom Kernel. It was created by Seth Forshee to fix the “Intel Core i3 External Monitor Wavy Output” bug. Thanks Seth! You are my hero!

This bug has been a long standing issue, with over 40 users reported to be affected in Launchpad.  That doesn’t seem so high, but if you go through the comments, you will see the variety of hardware impacted by this.

Seth has provided several custom kernel:

If you give them a try, please add your feedback to the bug! In case you are not too sure on how to install them, here is what I do:

  • Download all files for your architecture , plus the generic file
  • In a terminal type: sudo dpkg -i [name of file]
    1. linux-headers(generic)
    2. linux-headers(all)
    3. linux-image
  • Reboot your system and select the new kernel

I hope that this fix makes it upstream and through the SRU process soon, so I can keep installing kernel updates!

5 thoughts on “DELL Vostro 3300: External Monitor Problems Finally Fixed?

  1. Hi Victor,
    i faced the same problems with my Vostro 3300 and i installed the patched kernel for Lucid (10.04) as you did for Natty. My problems with a flickering ext. monitor are gone since then.
    Thanks a lot to all who managed fixing this bug.

      1. Hi Victor, I have installed ubuntu 11.10 in a Dell Inspiron N4030 and I have the same problem, but a can’t get the “Oneiric linux-3.0.0-7.9 based kernel” because the link it’s broken. Could you please tell me where I can get it ?

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