Ubuntu Friendly Needs You!

Are you running an up to date version of Oneiric? Do you have 15 minutes spare?YOU can help Ubuntu Friendly today! Read on..

The Ubuntu Friendly program is now on its test phase. One think that we could really do with is some more real user data to test website views. The Ubuntu Friendly feeds from test submissions from Launchpad.

So what do I need to do?

You need to run the recently improved System Test tool. This tool is in the default Oneiric image and the run-time has been reduced to under 15 minutes (disclaimer: this depends on how powerful is your system!)

If you are not sure how to find this tool, just go to the Unity Search lens and type “System Testing” and click in the icon that looks like a computer screen with a tick mark.

Just follow the instructions and, if you don’t mind, ping me a comment back on this post with how long it took you to run it and any other feedback you might have!

Go on, it is Friday don’t you know…

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu Friendly Needs You!

  1. I don’t like the threaded memtest using swap on my SSD. 😦

    Also, I’d like to see what it is doing before it starts doing it. Right now the system is at full load using all my resources and the description field is empty.

    1. Had to kill that test. Rest worked fast and fine until the end when I couldn’t view or submit test results (I still got the submission.xml from ~/.cache/checkbox though):

      > Unable to start web browser to open file:///home/abcdef/.cache/checkbox/submission.xml.
      unsupported format character ‘U’ (0x55) at index 16

      > Unable to start web browser to open https://launchpad.net/+login.
      unsupported format character ‘U’ (0x55) at index 16

      What to do now?

  2. Memtest killed my session. The system got slower and slower, and became finally completely unresponsive 😦 You should overthink this “test”.

  3. 11.10 on an Acer D250 Aspire One netbook. Seemed to work fine except bluetooth I skipped the tests and was marked as failed. Gnome Classic. Does not close at end of test but that is a 11.10 current bug, not yours… Thanks

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