Red Hat and Canonical agree on Secure Boot

If you follow the Canonical blog, you would have seen that a new white paper has been published on how to implement UEFI Secure Boot in a manner that can be used by all users, including Linux.  The paper is signed and authored by Matthew Garret from Red Hat, Jeremy Kerr from Canonical and James Bottomley, Linux Kernel developer.

Since Microsoft talked about their plans for Secure Boot at /Build2011, there has been lots of things said on the matter. With more than 16,000 people signing the Free Software Foundation statement on “Secure Boot vs Restricted Boot”, it is clear that this is an issue that needed some attention.

It is great to see companies like Red Hat and Canonical getting together, and coming up with recommendations that benefit the whole industry. The paper is well worth the read, Enjoy!

Padlocks of love by Wlodi

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