Droidcon – London

Just a brief post to say that I will be talking at DroidCon on 26th October in London. This is what I will be covering:

Most Android apps nowadays are a front or local client for online services, from backing up data to the cloud to providing a cross platform service. This requires developers to have access to not just an Android environment, but also to a staging server that they can mess with. This requires the app developer to either gain knowledge of how to set up this complex web, or wait for someone to do it for them.

Juju is a service orchestration tool that allows you to deploy cloud applications like WordPress or Mysql to live clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Juju Charms package the wisdom of experience Dev Ops so anyone can deploy a complex apps with few simple commands. This can first be done to a local environment running in your laptop, and once you are confident on the service, deploy it to a live cloud. Ubuntu ,the leading linux desktop distribution, brings together the best support for Android app development (used by the Google Android team) with an easy to use cloud deployment toolset.

This talk will explore the simplicity of developing an android app that needs to talk to a cloud service. The talk will be framed around an example of a “TODO list” android app that locally stores information into a SQLite database, and then backs-up user data to the cloud. The talk will show how a android developer can deploy, in his or her laptop, a complex web service with just a handful of commands, and then get the application talking to the service form within the android emulator. Join us to grasp how Ubuntu can provide android developers a full test environment in a box.

My Droidcon talk profile

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