11 thoughts on “Nexus 7 Raring to go to Copenhagen

  1. I think a 720p aspect ratio – bigger icons size – would be better for finger use, as well,a t least for main packages a icon menu system similar to the unity vertical bar but at the other side and with nested icons in arrays of 3×3 with an exit icon box and ideograms and test at the icons for having a better finger friendly use, and if the last menu brings you to a dialog box a finger friendly box.

    You can start with gedit that has a small menu and ask each package developer to reply the model.

    As well as use the 720p aspect – font and icon sizes, even at 1080p – because fingers need bigger icons, and perhaps a nested debian style menu at the unity bar would be great too.

    PS: felicitats pel teu blog i força barça

  2. Victor, I’m coming to Copenhagen next week for UDS. As you probably know, the 32 GiB Nexus 7 will be announced and released on the 29th. Alas, my flight departs on the 27th; I even checked some of the Staples stores in Seattle and while they’re in stock, none of the stores would sell one early. I’d much rather purchase the 32 GiB tablet than the 16 GiB one. Will we be able to bring installable images home from UDS?

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