[Ubuntu Nexus 7] Browser Performance

I decided to run some browser performance benchmarks from http://peacekeeper.futuremark.com/ in the Nexus 7 running Ubuntu, mainly to see how it compares with other platforms. Here are my basic conclusions as a result of the test:

  • In general Ubuntu + Nexus 7 performs pretty well
  • The Nexus 7 with Ubuntu and Chromium (629) performs better that the Android Nexus 7 (489)
  • Firefox performance (257) is pretty bad compare with Chromium (629). I have tested it in my laptop and the same different exist, however the more powerful hardware makes it not as relevant.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to access the detailed results (it displays blank), any suggestions why? My results are the bottom firefox (257) results, and the top Chrome (629):

2 thoughts on “[Ubuntu Nexus 7] Browser Performance

  1. it would be great a dual boot installer for the Nexus 7 as you did with Chromebook, or even a USB stick installation for Ubuntu with dual boot.

    And of course Unity style menu icons / ideograms for apps with finger friendly sizes at the other side of the screen, at least for Chromium and Libre Office

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