[Ubuntu Nexus7] Chromium test extension

A very brief note to let you all know that I have moved the chromium test extension for browsing simulation under the Ubuntu-nexus7. Please submit improvements at your leasure:


One thought on “[Ubuntu Nexus7] Chromium test extension

  1. Goodnight victor @ ubuntu, first thanks for your blog and very good,
    I have an admiration for his work in the linux world, I love linux, always seeking knowledge have a question maybe you can help me, last year bought a tablet of orange TB 9200 check that you have had a share of rom development, so version to be rom and very slow and error I got in touch with some cool orange more I was told that he did not update this tablet would like to know if you could count on your help to build a rom for this in version 4.1 (android jelly beam) for this tablet, or help me to build this rom because as I have many people having to update your tablet’s orange to cool new version.

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