[Ubuntu QML] SimpleToDo.. done!

Last week I wrote about my first impressions on working with QML vs Android as I tried to translate a SimpleTodo application.

This week, I managed to find a few more spare hours to finish it. Not only that, but I have been able to go beyond what I had for Android. Specially on the UI part, QML makes it really simple to build in transitions and animations. I also found that defining States for the application had simplified the complexity of the program.

I don’t think that today there are official menus published for Ubuntu qml components, so I have implemented my own menu “a la” Ubuntu for phones. Here is a small video of the app:

or you can access the link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-gDv-vDMhg

Overall, I highly recommend everyone to play with QML. Here are two very useful links if you are new to it:

And of course, lets not forget the awesome developer.ubuntu.com pages!

5 thoughts on “[Ubuntu QML] SimpleToDo.. done!

  1. Looking very nice, but shouldn’t the switching of views be done with the header thingie that should be at the top of the UI, like with the gallery app? Isn’t “clear” the only control that should be in the bottom toolbar according to the design guidelines or have I misunderstood this?

  2. I made the comment based on the info I’ve picked up since the unveiling and I can’t remember exactly where any of that was stated, that’s why it was a question and not a statement 🙂

    You’re switching the applications view/page between the todo list and the cleared todo items with a button on the toolbar and that was the thing that confused me since I thought that action should be made with the page stack. That’s why I think that only the button to clear the list of finished todo items should be in the toolbar and not the button for switching views/pages.

    I still don’t know the correct way of doing this, I have no official HIG to refer to. So that’s why I asked 🙂

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