uBrick – a Lego Scope

Just a quick note to tell you that I have published a new scope called uBrick that brings you the awesomeness of Lego, as a catalogue powered by brickset.com, directly to your Ubuntu phone home screen.

I wrote the scope in Go cause I find it easier to work with for a quick scope ( took about 8 hours with interruptions over 2 days to write this scope).  The scope is now available at the store, just search for uBrick.

Here are some pics:

lego1lego2lego3 lego4

Also I have to congratulate the folks at Brickset for a very nice API, even if it is using SOAP 🙂

3 thoughts on “uBrick – a Lego Scope

  1. Love this!!!! Can’t wait to show this to my son. 8 Years and loves leg. Only thing that would be better would be to have a dedicated webapp for brickset.com that opens when te scope calls it – apparently this is very doable, though I haven’t gotten it to work with scopes yet Saw something in the mailing list about it a few weeks back. Thanks again, and keep up the great work! Mitchell

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