When is Free not really Free?

No, I am not referring to Google’s less than free strategy (courtesy of @itomuta) but to the attitude of some manufactures to disclaimers on food allergies.

We recently send an email to Hotel Chocolat to clarify the labelling in one of their Christmas products. The product is suppose to be Gluten-free. This is the answer we recieved:

Thank you for your email.

Please accept our apologies for the confusion regarding our gluten-free products.

Some of our products are gluten-free and this is clearly stated on the label, and on the dietary information on the individual items’ pages on the website. However they are all produced in the same environment as products containing gluten and therefore may contain gluten traces.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

Kind regards,

[Name Deleted]

Customer Experience Team

Hotel Chocolat Ltd

How can something be free of “X” but contains traces of it? This is equivalent to a software company saying “this is my code but it may contain traces of someone else’s!” If the SW industry can’t get away with it, why do we allow the food industry to do it?

A quick visit to Bangalore

A couple of friends went recently to Bangalore for a business trip, knowing that I had spent some time living there, they asked me for recommendations. As they have seemed to really enjoy my tips, I have decided to share them with a larger audience:

What to visit

Bangalore s not that well known by its tourist attractions but I really liked the Bull temple. Another one that is normally in the tour is the town hall. Is pretty much in the heart of the city so worth going.

Buying crafts

If you don’t have much time and don’t want to bargain and get rip off, Caveury is the best shop. It is situated in the corner of MG road and Brigade Road. Again pretty central.

if you want to see a bit more of authentic shopping experience go to Commercial street on the evenings. Get drop at the bottom of it and walk up and down. It is safe but packed with people. you will find everything there. Including one of my favourite snack places- Woody‘s. Get a Masala dosa, yummy Continue reading “A quick visit to Bangalore”

Eating Spanish in London

If you were thinking I finally hit the writter’s block, sorry to disappoint you…but I was on holidays in Spain. Coming back to the UK, I normally get asked “Don’t you miss the weather!?” and the answer is clearly yes. However, I missed even more the food. Thankfully, my wife and I have put some effort into finding our “Spanish fixes” in London, and here are some tips on how to eat and drink Spanish style without travelling far.

Good Tapas come at a price!

You will learn quickly that good tapas come at a price. While the chain La Tasca do a decent job on bringing spanish tapas to the table at a reasonable price, they are far from satisfying my cravings! additionally their gluten free menu has got worst recently (my wife is a ceoliac).

For a real tapas fix, dust your wallet and head to El Pirata.  Nice food, good wine list and authentic spanish atmosphere… Surely it can’t get better that this?

Well it does. On the heart of Borough Market you can find the Brindisa Tapas bar. You don’t only find the hanging hams there, but you also find the real tapas experience…queueing for a table. You are not really on a true Spanish bar if you don’t have a beer or two at the bar with a tapa of Iberico Ham while you wait.

Continue reading “Eating Spanish in London”