The FIFA World Player and Open Source

On the 21st December the 2009 FIFA World Player awards will be given. There are 5 nominees in for the male award:

Lionel Messi , Andres Iniesta and Xavi. all play for Barcelona FC. In fact, they all come from within the youth ranks. They have all been part of the same training school and largely have cost very little to Barcelona.

Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. This are the big signings of Real Madrid during the last summer, with a total invesment exceeding 170 million euros. Continue reading “The FIFA World Player and Open Source”

The football transfers market and the Symbian Foundation

Ok, so lets be upfront, I am a FC Barcelona supporter since I can remember. I guess the strange thing is that I am the only one of my family the follows footie.

Anyhow, today I am not going to gloat on the achievements of the last season, but I would like to compare Mardrid and Barcelona’s approach to building their teams. They are without a doubt 2 of the biggest teams in Europe, with 2 very different approaches to developing a successful business .

Real Madrid, as it is clear from the summer transfers market, concentrates in buying players that will bring big publicity contracts with them and with a proven sporting achievement record on their backs. This comes at a high price, 96 millon euros in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo and 65 for Kaka. Real Madrid uses this tactic to fill in key positions on the team backbone, the players bought are expected to deliver the clubs sporting objectives, and beyond Raul and Casillas not many youth team players achieve the “galactico” label.

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Passió Blaugrana

Lo millor es que clarifiquem el mes important al davant, jo soc del barca de tota la vida. La cosa estranya es que soc l’únic de casa meva que segueix el futbol.

De totes maneres, avui no volia parlar avui necessàriament de les habilitats esportives del Barca i del Madrid, però mes des de el punt de comparació com dues empreses davanteres en el mercat de l’esport rei d’Europa, el futbol.

Des de el meu punt de vista, tenint en compte el palmarès esportiu i financer, en el darrers cinc anys tant el Barcelona com el Reial Madrid es poden classificar com dos dels millor clubs de futbol del mon. Però els dos tenen una manera molt diferent de desenvolupament el seu negoci.

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