Contributions: 130+ fixes and counting!

Trolling through Bugtracker this week , I was surprise to find out how many fixes are currently in the contributions pipeline.

I have been looking at tracking the large amount of defect fixes DoCoMo has contributed to S^2 (30+). Chris Dudding , the Package Owner for Persistent Data Services has been blogging about it.

I knew part of the pipeline, but I was pleasently surprise to see that the community elsewhere has been keeping busy.  A large part of the S^3 proposed enhancements comes from the Freedom Fighters project, that is focusing on compiling the Symbian platform using open source tools (namely GCCE). Peter Fordham is doing a great job in this initiative with more than 30 fixes under his belt.

From the BUG SQUAD part, we have already had our first patch integrated to the MCL, and anouther one in the pipeline.

Now the challenge for us is to improve the turn around time on feedback and integration of proposed contributions – (as the Zohan would say) So lets go!

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