Ubuntu Server Certification – Improving SRU Testing

Undeniably, a Long Term Support release is all about the maintenance. In the certification team, we will be focusing our efforts in the next release cycle on improving our Stable Release Updates (SRU) testing for Certified hardware.

While we get a fair amount of feedback on regressions introduced by proposed SRUs in clients, we do not hear very often from the Server community. Therefore have less idea on where to improve our testing. I would like to assume that this is because we are catching all regressions šŸ˜‰ but what are the chances of that?

If you are running Ubuntu Server, I would like to hear from you about your experience with SRUs and any serious hardware-specific regressions that you may have encounter? Anything that regularly goes wrong with SRUs that we should be looking for?

Thanks and look forward to discuss more with you at UDS-P!

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